Thursday, 18 February 2016

Fibre and Thread Sketching - week 5


So much to choose from..  But I didn't want to do anything too involved..  my aim is try and keep these projects bite sized.  

After a couple days thinking I settled on doing a Cornish Pixie from Harry Potter..  The one I sketched as my design was a mixture of images on the internet.. some Cornish Pixies, some fairies, and with a slightly frog like element to his hands and feet :)

I wasn't confident to free hand copy it on the machine..
 so I traced him onto tracing paper and pinned in place
I love this blue silk!  Not sure what sort it is (it's a bugger to felt mind)
it's soooo shiny and luxurious!

Forgot the camera for a while now :)  but I snipped around the edges to reveal a little naked, wingless, blue pixie.  Pinned a piece of iridescent organza over then free handed his wings and snipped round the edges of them too.  

Close-up finished Pixie
With a few FME metallic stars to finish :)
I think he looks naughty enough!


Annie and Lynhh said...

He's magical! Love your design. (The silk could be dupion.)

FeltersJourney said...

Thank you :) I'm pretty rubbish at knowing which silk is which :) so thanks for that too, it's good to know! xx