Sunday, 13 September 2009

Day of Felt wrap

Ive managed to take some photos & thought I would share them with you :o) This is my wrap for the Day of Felt - 3rd Oct 09.

Here it is looking much more elegant without me on the photo

Im thrilled to bits with this wrap - its just what I wanted. Its felted from merino fibre in shades of red, orange & gold with golden silk fibre felted in for luck! It was also my first large scale cobweb felt project and I really enjoyed it! So much infact that I have since made another 2 of these lovely wraps... Ive just listed the Woodland Wrap on etsy; gorgeous greens - I love it!

Having a bad hair day!


Keiara Wells said...

WOW, honey, that's GORGEOUS! Great work!! And is that a certain skull bracelet I spy?! You were serious about not taking it off, huh? LOL :D xox

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Keiara! And well spotted!
Told you - I LOVE it, and show it off at every opportunity!
:o) x