Monday, 7 September 2009

Yeaaah! This morning when the postman came it felt like Christmas! My goodies from the swaps with Keiara arrived!

This is my Spooky Skulls bracelet - isnt it CUTE?! I just love it!!! This isnt for Halloween - Im gonna live in it all year round :o) I thought this bracelet was lovely from the photo - but have to say the photo doesnt do it justice... It is so glittery and the black & white is so sharp & prisitine, swarovski crystals and small silver beads compliment the skull really well, and the sterling silver clasp & findings are perfect with my sensitive skin.

I also have a Desert Tree focal that Keiara has made into a fabulous necklace. Now I did originally post a picture here - BUT, this necklace is for a special birthday pressie and I dont want to risk ruining the suprise if its spotted on my blog! I shall post pictures after it has been given.

Keiaras workmanship is absolutely exquisite! Each bead is absolutely perfect and ooooozes quality; glowing with inner and outer beauty, they have a lovely weight to them and they sparkle oh so prettily. I have now purchased/traded 5 pieces of jewellery byKeiara and they are all SO individual & quirky & stylish - I love em!!! The hard part is giving away pieces brought for presents...

Thank you Keiara ... They will be treasured xxx

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