Tuesday, 15 September 2009

my Day of Felt Update

These are the pieces of jewellery that I have finished - Im really pleased with them ... still to come felt bead bracelets!
I shall be giving the jewellery out to family and friends to wear on 3rd October 09 to celebrate the Day of Felt.
Im also planning to extend the invitation to readers of my blog - if you would like to join in please contact me (email me through my website please) do get in touch asap please (if you will be willing to pay the postage please, that will be the only cost).
More details and photos will follow when the beaded bracelets are done.


Keiara Wells said...

mememememememememe.. *deep breath* ..memememememe!!! lol ;) xox

FeltersJourney said...

hello you ;o) it will be in the post in the next few days sweetie - I know which one you like :o)