Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Busy, busy, busy...

Well I dont know where the time is going! All of a sudden Christmas is just around the corner & Im planning what presents I shall be making for who... not to mention making stuff to take to a Christmas Craft Fayre at the beginning of December - if I manage to get a place (fingers crossed).
I seem to of had a very hectic couple of weeks... some days have been very productive - Ive made 3 new wraps which Im really happy with, but havent had time to photograph. Plus some more flowers & beads. Lots of felt on my `to do` list this week...
I drove over to the Jinney Ring this morning, its the first time Ive had to drive there & I got horribly lost! I took a wrong turn just 10 minutes from getting there and found myself on a huge dual carriage way, with no where to get off or turn around - I ended up 20 miles off in the opposite direction :( NOT a happy bunny! I finally managed to get off the dual carriageway (on to ANOTHER dual carriageway aaagh, luckily I got off that fairly quickly) and fortunately found some walkers to ask directions from (I didnt even know which town I was in). My detour managed to add an hour on to my travelling time, not to mention a few grey hairs & tears.
However it was worth it - I had a lovely couple of hours visiting with Brenda Marshall in her studio... and I found my way home OK too, so all`s well that ends well!
Have a good week everyone

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