Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Wrap it up

Well, a little later than I had planned but... I have finally managed to take some photos of my latest creations! Having time to get them onto the blog is the problem now, my son is at home poorly at the moment so Im not getting chance to tinker around on the computer. Im going to trickle the photos on over the next few days...

First up - the wraps...

I love blue! This wrap has 3 gorgeous shades of blue fading into each other. I has my own handspun yarns & small pieces of shimmering organza felted in, oh & some wensleydale locks for texture. (I wanna keep this one - but I want the next one too.... mmmm decisions, decisions)

I think Im going to claim this one for myself. Again my own handspun yarns are felted in, along with wensleydale locks & a paisley velvet heart (felted in but oversewn to re-define the shape) It looks quite heavy, but its actually very light weight & comfy - but warm & snug!

My lovely hubby says this one looks like a cowhide! This is a pretty big wrap, with a scattering of lovely tussah silk for extra yumminess. Cream along one edge it fades through light & medium chocolate to darkest brown.

Hopefully I shall get on with posting pics of my latest scarves tomorow - lots more cobwebby lacy loveliness!



by keiara - lampwork beads said...

WOW.. these are gorgeous, honey! I really love the blue one up top. I agree with hubby, the bottom one DOES look like cowhide (but in a really nice way!) xox

Felted House said...

These are beautiful - I've been wet felting for a while now but haven't yet attempted anything scarf or wrap-like, I tend to felt thickly and would need to thin my layers down! I think the middle one is definitely the right choice for you to keep, what lovely reds!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Keiara :o)
The funny thing with the `cowhide` one was he mentioned it when I was trying to think of a name for it & now I cant think of anything else ;o) Think Im gonna have to leave it nameless - cowhide isnt really very appealing is it lol?!

FeltersJourney said...

Hi Felted House (sorry I dont know your name)
Thanks for the compliment ;o) Ive just had a mooch through your blog - lots of luurvly things on there!
It took me a few years before I took the plunge and had a go at finer felt, but Im so glad I did, I really have fun with it :o) You should go for it! Try a smaller piece first to get your confidence up.