Thursday, 29 October 2009

WoooOOOOoooo Shpooky

Our felted jack o`lantern

OK maybe not so spooky - but certainly fun! I felted this funny little chap for the International Felt Day - he came to the felt-in at Brendas` with me...well she did say "bring something whacky" - you dont get much whackier than this lol :o)
He looks pretty good in the dark with his little LED candle light flickering away.
Tomorow we are planning to have a Harry Potter style Halloween Feast, with pumkin pasties & pumkin juice `n all. Tomorow is promising to be lots of family fun, carving lanterns & cooking - cant wait.
The kids & me are all huge HP fans & the feasts in the books & films always look so lovely - poor hubby will just have to go along with it :o) - he really wont mind & Im sure will love the food!
Thanks goodness the days of putting on spooky public performances at work are over - you never really knew what Halloween would bring to our house... The first time I met my newest sister-in-law & her children, they paid us a suprise visit just as I was getting made-up ready to go to work - as a plague victim...niiice. The kids thought it was great, but I think mom wondered what kind of family she was marrying into! Other years Ive been; a vengeful zombie (forgot the make-up & went to the McDonalds drive thru` on the way home...I remembered when all the staff poked their heads through the window to have a look at me! ) a demon & a ghost; it was fun at times - but got to be more of a chore than anything.
Aah well, hope you all have fun this halloween - if you wish to... or a nice peacefull evening if not.


Felted House said...

Your pumpkin is lovely - I'd never have thought of making one out of felt! I love his lid and stalk and the way the green has blended into the orange - and of course his expression! We're not into Halloween but are great HP fans too (queued up at midnight at local shop when the last book became available!) so perhaps we'll re-watch some of the films on Saturday!

FeltersJourney said...

Hiya, to be honest we arent really into halloween either - it doesnt have ANY of the community spirit here that the celebration does in the States... but the HP halloweens are SO appealing & it`ll be fun cooking the feast with the kids. I do love Jack o`lanterns - always have. I can remember my mom hollowing out & carving a swede when I was little :) wouldnt fancy doing that myself, they`re so hard.
Have a good weekend :)