Friday, 2 October 2009

Happy Day of Felt

Ready for a day of fun

Yay its here at last :)
Tomorrow is the first ever International Day of Felt... anybody with pieces of my Felt Day jewellery please remember to wear it tomorow, whether you`re at home or out n about ... and be a part of my way of celebrating :)
I shall be heading to the Jinney Ring Craft Centre near Bromsgrove at around lunchtime, for an afternoon of felting fun with Brenda. We shall be felting butterflies to decorates the trees around the centre, hopefully get a few folks to join in too! If you are nearby PLEASE pop in & say `hi`
Im pretty sure I shall be flat out for the rest of the weekend, but shall post an update early next week. Have a wonderfull weekend everyone - whatever you are doing


FELT 4U said...

Happy Felt Day to you all. Gorgeous and loving photo. Bless you both

FeltersJourney said...

aaah thank you FELT4U (sorry I dont know you name)... We had a wonderfull Felt Day thank :o) I hope that you did too!
Thank you for leaving your lovely comment :o)