Monday, 1 March 2010

Playing catchup

Wow, that week kindof went by in a blur! It was a good one, busy... but good!

We had a really good night out for my sister-in-laws 40th and boy were we glad that we didnt go with the birthday cake fireball idea! My sister-in-laws IN-laws suprised her with an extreemly posh & lovely, proper birthday cake... We couldnt help laughing at our close call... can you imagine; the in-laws present you with a sophisticated cake & your own family offer a fun iced cake with 40 candles stuck in willy-nilly thats promising to turn into a raging inferno at any moment :o) Too funny! (Im kindof warped, personally Id like the fireball for the giggle factor).

I can post a photo of the gorgeous necklace that we gave her now. It was 'specially handmade by keiara - it is one of Keiaras Desert Tree focals (which I love, they are so atmospheric) with a handsewn ribbon & beaten sterling silver ring both crafted by friends of Keiaras.

For once I wasnt the designated driver - I rarely drink alcohol so dont mind staying tea-total & driving. Im such a lightweight these days - I didnt drink at all while having the children & breastfeeding... that was a fair few years ago, now I have a glass of wine very occasionally with a meal. We had a very nice bottle of merlo on the tablet... a glass & a bit later (it really WAS very nice) I was feeling distinctly mellow.

The children were back to school on the Monday - little rascals tried very hard to convince me that it was infact a teacher training day & they didnt have to go to school. Unfortunately for them - I can vividly remember being young & at school myself, so Im not the easiest person to get one over on :o)

This meant I had Monday to play with my felt. I experimented with texture & colours, and felting a cape seamlessly. The cape experiment was less than successfull, but it was a good learning curve. Plus the felt itself is lovely & shall be used elsewhere. By the way, Im definately obsessing over purple & green... the colour/texture experiment was inspired by a photograph of lavender, grass & poppies in France... rather predictably its mostly purple & green - but I LIKE it! :o)

Merino, tussah silk, BFL locks (I love the bubbly texture) & eyelash yarn (which you cant see in the photo)

Tue, Wed & Thu were given over to work & waiting in a garage while my car was tested - passed easily thank goodness.

Friday my lovely husband suprised me with a day off, we mooched around Ikea - I got some very cool hangers that I think will be great for displaying scarves at craft fayres (will take pics soon), had lunch & big messy cream cakes - it was nice.

This week is pretty much open for me to do as I wish (I think) apart from Friday, when my son has his first appointment to see an Orthodontist. So Im hopeing to do lots of fun felt/fibre stuff. I cant get onto my bigger projects for a while yet though - I must order more fibre... I hate waiting.

ooo yes, I was awarded a Sunshine Blog award by . Thank you so much for that! I enjoyed looking at the other blogs that she gave the award to & have started following a couple of them myself. I started making a list of my 12 favourite blogs this morning... my problem is that most of them have already received one of these awards & I dont want to send something theyve already done - it may not be welcome. Anyway, well worth having a peek at the Woollylakes blog (sorry, I dont know her name) & also checking out the other blogs she listed (especially the felt blogs)... think the post was on the 26/2 if you are checking back

Ah well, my tummy is telling me its lunch time so I shall love & leave you - have a wonderfull week whatever you are doing :o) xxx


Unknown said...

lol i think i would have preferred the fun cake with 40 candles stuck willy nilly lol

The necklace is Beautiful xo

My daughter and her friend accidently on purpose missed their school bus the other day and were hoping for a day off. Not to be say's i as i drove them the 1/2hour to school and refused to drop them at the front where they would have prefered not to be embarrassed by mum dropping them off. No says i as i drove them right in the grounds laughing, Dont think they'll do that again hehehe ahhhhh memories
cheers karen

FeltersJourney said...

hehe...I love it! Sounds like you`ve got a wicked sense of humour too :o) lol

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

aww, thanks for sharing, honey! glad to hear you had fun :) I'm w/you girls.. I would've liked the 'fun' cake ;) *love* xox