Thursday, 1 April 2010

Another days spinning

Well Ive done what I planned to :o) The 2nd top that I dyed on Tuesday is now spun. Its the same blend as the last one 90% merino 10% tussah silk, but in terracotta, gold & olive green. Ive spun this one thick & thin too and plyed it with a mustard yellow thread.

Dyed tops
Predrafted & ready for spinning
Spun thick n thin

I think the brown, gold & olive is still my favourite - but this is really pretty too, they actually work really well together!
Well both of my kids have broken up for the Easter holidays now, and Gary should be home soon; he has booked next week off, I dont work school holidays anyway so we have a family week next week - YAY :o) Hope we get to go exploring!
Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend - whatever you are doing!


Karen said...

Totally Gorgeous colors and looks so beautiful all spun up.
You Have a great Easter weekend to and a fun family week off.
cheers xoxoxoxo

averilpam said...

that's just beautiful - I love your colour combination
pam x

Twiglet said...

Ooh yummy colours. Have a fun weekend - happy Easter!

Felted House said...

Those colours are just so pretty and compliment each other so well! xx

ingermaaike said...

Totally superb colors!