Saturday, 24 April 2010

So easily distracted...

My purple bag is totally unmade... I got distracted, again. My dear friend Clare gave me a much needed kick up the backside the other day (not literally of course :o)! Ive been planning to make some household items for some time... but kept getting distracted (no suprise there). I had the pleasure of working with Clare at Oak House on Tuesday...and after a gentle nudge Wednesday I started making coasters! Id brought a little more Norwegian wool & some Gotland grey to try; seemed like the perfect project for giving them both a whirl.

6 layers of Norwegian...pile of fluff was about 4 or 5" thick

I have to say I really enjoyed working with both fibres & am planning to do loads more projects with them (shall have to buy more first though). Ive made 4 sets of 4 so far - 2 Gotland Grey with my Polwarth handspun blanket stiched around the edges & 2 Norwegian sets; 1set of 4 grey & white with light grey shetland stitching, 1 set of 2 grey & white & 2 grey with white merino stitching.

And Friday was spent making my first ever oven glove - oh the excitement :o) I wasnt sure that I had the shape of the resist right or the size so my first one is just plain white...7 layers, lovely & thick. Its drying out still at the moment.

Looks like a boxing glove :o)

Im actually really pleased with it... but oh my goodness, I hadnt realised what a fiddle it would be felting a thumb in seamlessly. Hopefully the next one will be easier now I know what Im doing :o) (or am I totally deluding myself & thumbs are always tricky?) More planned for next week so I shall soon know... & I MUST make a teacosy - mine is a disgrace at the moment & really needs replacing with a nice felted one.
Oh the banana experiment was very interesting... shall post more about that soon. Im planning to add a new section in my shops... Fancy Felters Embelishments, and this shall be in it... more soon.
The next fibre on my `really must try` list is Icelandic... I cant wait to try it.


Kelly said...

I love the coasters and the oven mitt! The thumb looks perfect :)

Gnomead said...

They all look great, I love the natural wool colours.

Felted House said...

I really like the coasters - I'm still on merino at the moment and haven't ventured further afield! I need a new oven glove but I tend to have the double-ended ones and never thought of making a new one out of felt - yours looks great! xx

Karen said...

Love the coasters Deb and love the glove, I can see how much you like experimenting with fibres, you'd go well with my friend Zed (zedster) from the UK, on my blog. She loves experimenting to. xo