Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The week so far...

My lovely hubby & son knocked a big hole in the living room wall at the weekend! Im quite happy about it though cos they put in our new french doors :o) and now we have got lots of lovely sunlight coming in through them, and can enjoy the view. We didn`t have this view from anywhere in the house before... it was just brick walls & bathroom windows with obscured glass `till now.

Accross the fields & hills, the woods start with the tree on the right hand side. Looks so dark `cos I was looking toward the sun & it was bright
Looking back towards the town
(thats the corner of my daughters Primary school on the left)

It feels weird to be sitting on the sofa and able to see the hills! I want to set up a nice little seating area out there now & it`ll be just right :o) Breakfast on the balcony, listening to the birds sounds good to me.
Monday I was playing with my dyes again! This time with silk caps, mawata square, carrier rods & wool nepps...

The rods & nepps are still drying, but I shall take pics of the whole batch soon - they look pretty. Working with the silk caps & mawtata silk made me realise how rough my fingers are, the silk fibres were constantly sticking to me! Ive been creaming my hands like crazy ever since lol. Guess Ive got felters hands :o)
Yesterday I was working at Oak House with Clare again, we were Lizzie (me) and Mary; Tudor serving wenches working with a school group, year 3s so 7 & 8 years old.... the hardest part when the group is so young is getting them all into their costumes (buttons, ties, things inside out/upside down... you get the picture lol) but it was a good session. We had an external assessor observing too - the service is going for an award in Heritage Education - wonder how we fared? He was very unassuming, just standing at the back - constantly writing notes. The pencil scratching reminded me of failed driving tests unfortunately :o) of which I had a few!
Ive just ordered some Icelanding felting wool, actually from Iceland... not sure how long it`ll take to get here with the volcano eruption and all the disruption.
Well , Im off to work of some bag design mock-ups...see if they work or not :o)
OK I can hear a cow mooo-ing very close by... off to investigate...


Karen said...

Beautiful View you have there now and i'd love to be hearing cowes in the background, use to a long time ago and it was nice lol
Love your dying, i've never played with silk caps only hankies and what are mawata squares lol never heard of them ???

FeltersJourney said...

:o) mawata squares are silk hankies, Karen...I hadnt noticed that Id only called them mawata squares lol