Thursday, 8 April 2010

Easter week

Well, we havent got much adventuring thus far this week! Lots of work has been done outside, nice walks through our local countryside discovering new bridalways that we havent explored, and baked a plum cake earlier today - which Im about to go sample :o) yum.

I have done a little more dyeing & spinning. but my pictures of the spun skein havent turned out well - the colour is wrong. This yarn is midnight blue with hints of deep purple & smoky grey, thick n thin (though not as pronounced as the others) plied with glitter thread.

Same yarn, different light - & neither is accurate!

Our last guinea pig, Tiggy -who is a lovely little old lady now, took ill over Easter weekend. Shes fed up because she is on her own since her daughter died 3 weeks ago, and has a few niggly complaints that all flared up at the same time. Sadly I think today she has given up & just wants to be left in peace & quiet...
Oh well - going to eat my cake now with a nice cup of tea in the garden & enjoy this beautiful weather we are having today!


Karen said...

sorry your guinea pig isnt doing so well, she must miss her daughter xoxo

The yarns still look totally gorgeous though even though the lighting wasnt right so now i hope you enjoyed your cake xoxoxcxo

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Karen :o)