Friday, 16 April 2010

Easter hols

Another week bites the dust! Not done any felting at all while the kids have been off school... but Ive enjoyed dyeing small amounts of fibre & spinning them up.

Pinks & purples, merino & silk
Plied with a while glitter thread

This was a bit of fun... dyed with Koolade type pop mix; the merino is Cherry & the silk is Lime

Plied with a pretty pink rayon thread
Got some pics of the decking that my lovely hubby (who is a carpenter) made with lots of `help` from the children. It was nice for them getting to work with their dad on a biggish project like this...

This side area has been unusable up till now... when we moved in it was actually blocked off. Its too big an area to waste though, and the view from the end is lovely out across the countryside (PLUS its a very secluded little suntrap). So we have raised the deck about 3 feet from floor level and now its a lovely big balcony. Planning to put french doors from the living room out onto the balcony :o) Just needs populating with nice pot plants now!
While they were at it, they`ve changed the balustrade & wood around the bottom of the decking, and cleaned & treated the whole lot ;o)
Just need to put a roof on the 2 tall uprights now - its a nice sheltered sitting area

And thats pretty much it... apart from my minor hair disaster today! I took my 11 year old daughter to my hairdresser - we were both having a trim & layers. Rachael went first & had a lovely haircut. Unfortunately we spent so much time chatting the hairdresser gave me the same hairdo! So now my long lightly layered hair that hung in a very heavy curtain (all one length apart from the light layering) is now about 4" shorter at the around shoulder length - a `do` that I really do not like! Its fine on many people - but not on me. I`ve been contemplating chopping the whole lot off to collar length for a few weeks... the only thing stopping me is the prospect that if I decide to grow it again I have to go through this awkward length that always takes forever to get past. And now its like it AAAGH. SO do I chop it all off? Or just the 4" at the back so its basically a long bob? Or put it in a ponytail & ignore it for a few months?
Im certainly not upset about it...its only hair - and it will grow. Im just annoyed with myself for being such a chatterbox that I didnt make sure I got what I wanted! Rachaels immediate reaction as we walked out was "my hair is better than yours" with a big smile :o) little darlin`.
Anyway, Im off to crowbar said little darlin`out of the bath - where she has been marinating for about an hour & a half now :o) The lady in Lush gave her a couple of bathbombs as a freebee last night (I had just brought quite a bit mind you) she is testing the first one out.


Felted House said...

Well thank you for sharing your hair-dressing experience so that we can all learn from it not to chatter, but I am sorry you're not happy with it - a good haircut can be a real confidence boost or vice versa, so I do hope you find a solution soon! What a supportive daughter you've got!! Your decking is great, and I love the balcony, I see what you mean about the view, what a great experience for the children, to actually build something real.
And your spinning is perfect, what a lovely choice of colours to put together. Have a good weekend. xx

Heather said...

I love the new deck! (...and what a lovely thing it is to have a daddy to teach you skills like these, too!) dramas are the worst. For what it's worth, I vote for the bob. When I've 'cut it all off' or gotten bangs in the past, I'm always so sorry later when I have to endure the interminable wait for it to be all one length again! Good luck! XXO