Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Explosion of colour

Im really excited today... My first package of Icelandic felting wool arrived this morning! Ive brought 4kg in 8 colours...

This is how it looked when I ripped off the brown paper... all squished into a plastic bag. Even though it really is half vacuumed into the bag you can still tell its a BIG parcel. Look what happened when I unpacked it :o)

What a lovely lot of wool! I LOVE the colours, and it feels so soft & snuggly... Im desperate to play & experiment with it; but to be honest my feet are just not up to it today. I worked at a medieval Museum event Sunday & yesterday... an am still recovering. Planning to post about it when I get a couple of photos to add :o) Gonna keep you in suspense till then.
Im at Oak House tomorow & the kids are off school Thursday because their schools are being used as polling stations... so we are going to visit family. So my lovely icelandic wool shall have to wait till Friday. Im chuffed at how quickly it arrived... I expected it to be slowed down by the Icelandic volcano - but luckily the wind was blowing the other way & planes were able to take off as normal on the day that I brought this. Brought it Thursday last week, and it was here today - would of been yesterday except for the Bank Holiday...Fantastic!


Heather said...

On Saturday, we went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool festival. They had several vendors selling Icelandic wool, but I somehow never purchased any.(I will be blogging about all that I DID buy, though!! Giggle.) This looks AMAZING!! I can't wait to see what you make with it!
P.S. Thanks for your faithful (and sweet) comments. XXO-

Gnomead said...

Oooh they look yummy! Love the cerise colour, hope you have loads of fun playing with it!

Karen said...

OOOOOO Deb that looks gorgeous and i want :))
Cant wait to see what you make with it all so have fun and Happy Felting xoxoxo

Kelly said...

Would you mind sharing your source for the wool? I would love to be able to order some. I love the colors you picked!!