Saturday, 8 May 2010

Icelandic hat

Happy Saturday!
My new hat is dry now, so I thought I`d share a photo with you :o) Im kinda proud of it!

I used the cerise and pink Icelandic wool - 6 layers. I added a layer from the pink/purple/blue silk hankie that I dyed a couple of weeks ago too. I should really of taken photos as I was making it...but didnt think of it till I was half way through lol.

Kelly has asked comments if Id post where I brought my lovely Icelandic wool from...sorry Kelly I usually do do this, it had slipped my mind tbh. I brought the wool from Alafoss in Iceland, the lady I dealt with is named Jona; she is lovely & very helpfull. They dont take Paypal unfortunately so I had to phone the shop (in Iceland) to pay - luckily they speak very good English...cos I dont speak any Icelandic :o) I was very impressed with the postal service too, it was pricey (cost a bit more than the wool itself did) but it was trackable, and even over a Bank Holiday weekend it arrived 3 working days after posting, although that was probably very lucky at the moment with the volcano. The wool is in batts, and my batts are odd shapes and sizes... just unfold them & start peelin` layers off :o) great. Think Im going to order some black & white too...

Im also wearing the waistcoat I made a couple of months ago (the one that started out as a tunic... but ended up waaay too small :o). Not too bad considering I had no guidance for how to make it at the time... it was pretty much all guesswork... I have since brought Lizzie Houghtons Felting Fashion book - which is really good, Id highly recomend it if you want to felt clothes & hats.

Anyway, Im off to look for more hatblocks in different shapes n sizes :o)

Have fun folks x


Felted House said...

That's a great hat and lovely colours, unfortunately hats don't suit me at all and I only wear one when I have to because my ears are cold, rather than as a great accessory! And you look so young!
I was admiring your teacosies too on your last post - isn't it odd how some colours just don't respond and felt in the same way? I did some bags with similar design last week where I had graduated colours and really liked blending the shades xx

Kelly said...

Love the hat! And thank you for posting the source for your wool! My husband probably won't be thanking ;)