Wednesday, 26 May 2010

My silk stash

Loads of new goodies arrived in the post today... I sat rubbing my hands together in anticipation looking at my 3 parcels - it was just like Christmas morning ... and then the paper started to fly in my opening frenzy ;o)

I have 2 lovely vintage saris from India... one is a gorgeous fine silk the other is chiffon silk (not sure if its a blend)... not so thrilled with the colour of the chiffon - it was a lot paler than I expected it to be. BUT, Ive dyed a scarf sized piece this afternoon, in the microwave with the chemical dye I usually use on silk and its really taken well! Looks nice and rich now :o) Im thrilled to bits with these saris, one of my friends recently went on holiday to India and was unable to buy any silk saris let alone vintage silk - so I feel pretty lucky!

Also, I have some silk laps! Im very excited about these too :o) They are undyed as yet... and look like fun.

My third parcel was filled with lots of sari silk goodies to go in my `fancy felters supplies` section - soon to be added to my shops.



Steph said...

That's quite a haul - how exciting!

Felted House said...

Oh that does look exciting - hope you do have fun with it all - I'm trying to discipline myself to use up the things I have already! xx

Karen said...

OOOOO Deborah that stash looks just gorgeous, i've been dying to try silk laps and am waiting patiently for a lady to get back to me here in OZ that hopefully will end up being a supplier, cant wait
I'm sure your going to have a lot of fun with all this and i cant wait to see what you make xoxo