Monday, 14 June 2010

Ahoy mateys

Had a good day working at the Pirate event yesterday! Perhaps because I didnt have to ` oooaaaaagh` myself hoarse this time lol... trust me, its happened in the past! I spent the day working on pirate eyepatches with the children :o) The weather was beautiful till about an hour before the end when the heavens opened... I was close to a `pirate DJ` & steel band - luckily not playing at the same time.
The event was at Haden Hill House (lovely) which is one of Sandwell Museum Services sites. For anybody nearby its well worth keeping an eye open for upcoming events; theres quite a bit planned for the summer (as usual). SMS have a fan page on Facebook - Sandwell Museums and everything thats going on gets posted there, plus photos of the sites & news etc.
Not sure if Im just a bit tired today... or feeling unmotivated cos I know Im at work Tuesday & Thursday - so any big project I start is going to be interputed... Ah well, time to shake myself off & wake myself up & GET TO WORK!
Have a good week

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