Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Holiday pics

We had a wonderful camping trip in North Cornwall last week! And for once the weather did exactly what the met office had promised; Tuesday, the day we went, they said it would rain till 1 ish then clear up and be nice for the next 3 days. Driving down the weather was absolutely dreadful... rain so bad you could barely see anything - especially with the spray on the motorway. I kept think "ooooh, I hope theyve got it right" ... 4 of us plus 2 dogs in a tent in rainy weather are not my ideal (I hate the tent getting damp!) Lo & behold though, come 1.30 the rain was stopping & by 2.30 when we arrived it was great! We pitched in sunshine and a light sea breeze; the tent was up and all the stuff sorted within 30 minutes :o) and we were off! The weather just got better and better. Tuesday afternoon and evening were delightful, Wed, Thu & Fri were absolute scorchers - definately needed the factor 40! Here are a few of my favourite pics...

It was bloomin` cold at night though, I must say! I was wearing; shorts, thermal vest, thermal leggins, bedsocks & a fleece with my sleeping bag drawn up as much as possible just to be warm! First night I rather stupidly got in (while it was a pleasantly mild 11 o`clock) in shorts and T-shirt OMG I WAS FREEZING! I barely slept... was glad when I woke up down the gap between the 2 blow up matresses cos it was warmer :o) so I stayed there for the rest of the night.
We did loads of walking... out between 8.30 & 9.00 and walking pretty much all day till about 7.00 - there was lots of paddling, rockpooling,ferry rides and stopping to enjoy the scenery too of course.
We were lucky enough to see a pod of dolphins leaping in the mouth of the camel estuary heading toward Polzeath, a seal floating sunning himself at Tintagel, and what Im 99% certain was a Peregrine Falcon over the cliffs between Polzeath & Daymer Bay - AWESOME! Could only see him from beneath though and it was against a very bright sky so couldnt see his markings... the shape & size suggest Peregrine though and they are fairly common there. I didnt get photos of any of them though... I was too busy watching & enjoying them to take my eyes off long enought to find the camera!
Since we got back we have been playing catchups... Yesterday the kids were back to school & Gary at work - so I got a little felting time! Played around with the silk saries... shall have to post pics.
Anyway, Im off to felt ...maybe a cushion cover?


Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Clare Atfield said...

Wonderful photos!