Thursday, 10 June 2010

The week so far...

has been pleasantly productive :o) in a gentle, plodding sort of way. I played with the silk saris on Monday...

This is the chiffon, with added banana silk (this is the chiffon I overdyed with gold)

Green peacock silk sari in cobalt merino, with loads of sari silk fibre & yarn
Im wearing this scarf today :o) its all long `n skinny and feels really elegant to wear (you know when you feel like you look nice in something?!)
Plus Ive felted and sewn together another cushion cover... so now I have a pair; sun & moon...

More Icelandic wool
And yesterday I dyed a load of silk ... which is still drying. I`ll post tomorow with photos of todays work, and hopefully yesterdays silk too.


Plastusia said...

Yellow scarf is the most beautiful for me. I would like to see whole scarf.

Steph said...

Beautiful scarves!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks ladies :o)

I`ll try & take a fuller photo of the yellow one, but TBH there isnt all that much more to it really... its a shortie, goes around & sits on the chest. I could do with finding a nice scarf pin to hold it with.