Saturday, 26 June 2010

Latest hat

Well here it is...

I made this one from Lizzie Houghtons Felting Fashion book. Anyone who knows me knows how RARE it is for me to make any project in a book, let alone for it to look remotely like the one in the book. But this little hat just looked so sweet, and I like the colours & just happened to have similar stuff in my stash, so...
Its 3 layers of merino, with oodles of locks & silk fibres, 100% silk velvet (YUM) plus silk/rayon blend velvet... notice how different the 2 look? The silk velvet felts in like a dream... doesnt even need locking in, the silk/rayon has felted in well but is more textural when finished & does need to be locked in just a little. I liked using them both together, its made the felt very tactile. When the felt was dry I did quite a bit of random machine embroidery, then sewed it up & added some more embroidery.

Just got to get someone to model it for me to take a photo now... getting bored of seeing myself under my hats :o) and Gary ran a mile when I reached for the camera.

Im off to enjoy the fabulous sunshine now :o) Have a good weekend folks xx

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Felted House said...

It's so beautiful with all those lovely bits of silk - I've never thought of trying silk velvet, it sounds great. It would be good to see it on somebody though as you say to get a better idea of the style - hope you find a willing model soon xx