Thursday, 2 September 2010

Ending the holidays...

On Saturday I felted another rug! This one is about half the size of the one I did a few weeks ago - it still took a whole day, but was a lot easier on my back.

You can see the different character of the fleece... this one had a longer staple length, so the rug pile it longer. I like the way it wafts in a breeze & flops around to lie in different directions... The first rug was a definate learning curve; this time I put the cotton net fabric layer in between the 2nd and 3rd fibre layers, so its completely encorporated into the felt and veeery sturdy. I used Icelandic batts again from Alafoss (which I highly recomend by the way).
Good job I wasnt aching too much because 2 days later I climbed a mountain! Literally! We have been weather watching for some time trying to pick a good say to go climb Mount Snowdon in North Wales, Monday looked good so we were up and on our way at the crack of dawn. Gary had climbed the mountain (and the other 2 highest peakes in the UK) many times throughout his childhood... but the kids and me? was our first time. The weather was absolutely fantastic.. couldnt possibly of been better. We were in T-shirts all the time,and just needed a fleece on the summit. Now we were expecting it to be cold, so went with layers on & carrying coats, wooly hats, gloves etc... sensible, but we could of done without all that and took more water if we had known how hot it would be! I took some photos (no suprises there)...

I thought this was Snowdon... but its Snowdons baby bro Crib Goch - looked lovely with the moon just to the side. Im suprised that I didnt actually take a photo looking up at Snowdon... think it was just too big & imposing, I didnt even think to take one.

We walked past beautiful crystal clear lakes - the dogs swam in them of course.

About 2/3 of the way up, looking back.

Nearly there...

These 2 are looking toward the coast approx 15 miles away from the base of the summit stones... it was sooo clear & very surreal. Especially looking down on birds flying!

Now contrary to the appearance from the photos, this will show you just how busy the mountain was. I took a photo of Gary & the kids on the summit at a QUIET time

1085 meters - we were suprised at how busy it was...

Id have to say it comes second only to chilbirth (for me) in terms of physical effort to get the job done, and how much it blooming well hurt. OMG!!! My legs & hips were SCREAMING! And I think like childbirth I`ll have to wait till Ive forgotten how much it hurt to want to do it again :o)
The rest of the week has been spent swimming & catching up with family... its been nice - and the sun is still shining! Lovely!
Kids go back to school next week, cant believe how quick the 6 week holidays alway go by! Christmas before we know it...
Be well


Karen said...

OMG Deborah, Well Done on the climb it looks like it was huge and so beautiful at the top. I think having a baby would have been easier though hehehe
Stunning views xoxo

Karen said...

OOO sorry Deb i forgot to comment on your rug making, wow your so clever they look Fantastic, i'm sorry to that i havent been around much but making up for that lost time to.
Happy Felting xoxoxo

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Karen :o) its good to have you back - Im lovin your new felt!