Sunday, 26 September 2010


Just a quick post today... Im playing catchups after a busy few days. But I wanted to share a couple of photos & let you know how I got on.

Yesterday was the charity fundraiser at the farm - the sun shone beautifully all day. Clare & I spent a glorious late September afternoon spinning & felting in the farm yard, we met lots of lovely people. Many of the children (and not a few mums) went home with wetfelted Icelandic beads that they had made, threaded onto a ribbon & worn as a bracelet. Unfortunately I didnt take many photos, once I started felting that was it... I didnt get chance. But I DID manage to get one of these lovely Jacobs sheep.

Arent they adorable?!

They got a late haircut, and I came home with a little black lamb fleece (Im obviously too soft cos I feel really guilty about the poor little lambie being cold now, cos Ive got his coat). I think I might spin a bit of it raw this afternoon, not something I tend to do but it is so clean... The mom is a black shetland & the dad is a jacob, so it should be a lovely fleece to work with. I`d of been very tempted to start spinning & felting the wool straight as it came off the sheep, but my dear friend Clare is expecting her 1st baby at the moment, so we kept her well away from them & the fleeces.

There were a nice lot of people there, it was busy - but not too busy; just right. I raised £50 for Help for Heros with my rug raffle, and the lady who won it sounded like she was over the moon when I phoned to let her know :)

The primary school workshop on Thursday went really well. The creatures are dry now & waiting for me to sew the childrens names to them & assemble the mobile. I`ll post more pics when its done, but for now...

There were children who had felted beads with Rachael at the end of last term (she took fibre in for toy day!) and it was lovely to hear them say "oh, this is what Rachael taught us", Rachael didnt stop at making beads she made a coaster actually in school as a present for her little boyfriend :) bless.

Anyway, the suns shining & Ive got masses to do. Think Id best get out of my PJ`s & get on with it... think I`ll start with another cuppa tea :)


Heather Woollove said...

Congratulations on your terrific fund-raiser. What fun (and a LOT of work)!!
I hope you have a busy and successful day today,
with everything you need to accomplish.
Please take a moment in there, somewhere though, to pat yourself on the back for a minute. You made a difference in this world...with Help for Heroes AND your teaching. Well done!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Heather :)
I managed to get lots of `finishing off` done - and thats always good :)