Monday, 27 September 2010

New shoes

Last night I finished sewing the leather soles onto my new slippers (the ones I posted about a couple of weeks ago). Today has been my first day wearing them and OH the COMfort... they are wonderful! Going to felt myself a pair of boots for work at some point this week...all being well.

I also put the finishing touches to 3 new pairs of slippers that I felted about a week ago, Im only posting pics of 2 pairs cos 2 of them are very similar and in the same design as my own pair but thicker.

Pretty in pink

Interestingly the shearer at the event on Saturday was wearing felted moccasins, he said many shearers wear them & how good they are.

I finished off a 2nd Woodland Earthmother Cave...

These were all from my very productive week (week before last) I just didnt get round to finishing off till yesterday.

Today I finished stitching name tabs onto the childrens felt-critters (and eyes on some of them :) tomorow I shall start assembling it, and felting a banner.



Felted House said...

The slippers are just fantastic, and the pink ones so pretty, love the embroidery. I must get round to trying some but I think I need to have coarser wool than my merino. I love your cave too all lit up. xx

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks L :)
I made some with merino a couple of years ago & found it to be too soft for my liking. Gotland works well & Icelandic. Ive used my Icelandic batts from Alafoss for all of these & its lovely! Fast felting, sturdy (a bit hairy)and veeery comfy!