Friday, 17 September 2010

Felting frenzy begins...

Wow what a busy felting week I have had! I have barely touched the computer this past week, apart from to check emails / orders etc. - the bare essentials. Last Friday found me hitting my stride, getting back into the swing of felting. I made myself a pair of slippers (working out my own technique for slipper making, these were my prototype) and a table trivet / mat... not sure what to call it really - any suggestions folks? To sit in the centre of the table & protect it from teapot, serving/casserole dish etc.

Drying in the sun

Both made from my Icelandic batts. The trivet has merino fibres & sari silk fibre decoration. The slippers are finished now & Im very taken with them :) Infact, I am this afternoon finishing off a 2nd and 3rd pair... but these ones are mine all mine...

Anyhoo, must run & get some more work done before the kids finish school.

Morefelt goody pics to follow soon xxx

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Felted House said...

Table mat doesn't quite do it justice does it, table protector isn't much better - it's table art really - hope someone has some inspired suggestions that reflect the handcrafted nature of it. Your edges are so very neat, I'm rubbish at edges and let them spread too much. And the colours are beautiful and rich. The slippers are fab too. xx