Sunday, 19 December 2010

Felt, fluff bunnies & snow...

Thanks for the birthday wishes on the last post folks :) they were very much apreciated x
OK, starting with felt that I can share (some of my recent makes must stay secret for now :)

This cobweb scarf & flower pin are a present for a friend who is turning 40 on Christmas day. Blue turquoise for the December baby :) even if its just a splash of the colour rather than gemstones. Hope she likes it...

This yarn is spun on my drop spindle from the left over bits of batts made on my new drumcarder.. the batts I used for my shawls and scarves. I randomly used a bit of this batt, then a bit of another & so on - then plied it with itself to get this totally random & (I think) pretty yarn. I had an email from Paul at Classic Carders a couple of days ago, saying that he is developing a detachable burnishing brush for the Jumbo Carder... needless to say I'm very excited & cant wait to try this out - I think its will help a lot when blending fine fibres.

When cleaning fibre off the drums, I just couldnt bring myself to throw it away, it seemed such a waste. So, I kept putting it to the side till I had a big fluff bunny family looking at me - I knew I'd better do something with them at that point before my lovely hubby threw them away. Out came the drop spindle again & now I have 2 small, slightly shabby looking skeins. I may use these in my felt...or crochet them... I'm sure I'll find a use. Waste not want not hey.. What do you do with your fluff bunnies?

Gary & Matthew spent about 5 hours out digging the snow off the road today. After clearing the road they built a MASSIVE snowman, He's the most primitive snowman imaginable 'cos the snow is just too powdery to hold together well - but he is about 9feet tall!

We have just had a stunning sunset through the snow covered trees - but I have no batteries in my camera to share it with you! We get some amazing sunrise & sunsets around winter solstice.

Amber & Jesse are having a wonderful time playing in the white stuff! Jess lies down & tries to eat it all, Amber charges through like a little snowplough and then makes doggy snowangels :)

I have heard that we are due more snow on Thursday... Maybe a white Christmas this year?

Well, I'm off to do some baking xxx

p.s. spacing is going crazy on this post...sorry


Kelly said...

LOVE the scarf, anf the flower pin is so pretty- do you needle felt them? I have been saving my bits from the drum carder for my daughter who loves to needle felt. She has yet to ever buy any wool, but has made a ton of cute creatures out of my bits and pieces! I could only wish I could spin on my drop spinning looks a little erratic and has either skinny or fat sections....sorta bipolar looking yarn. :) Happy to say no snow here in Florida...but your pups sure look like they are enjoying it! Have fun baking!

krex said...

Lovely scarf, I'm sure it will please your friend and keep her warm . I miss seeing dogs in their sheer joy in the snow...thanks for sharing your . It's a good reminder that snow is more then something to make driving frustrating .

FeltersJourney said...

Oh they are so funny in the snow Krex - I love watching them.

Hi Kelly, the flower is wet felted.. I lay the fibres out in the flower shape & felt them. This one is a double flower, so I did 2 seperate layers and sewed them together after felting.