Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Getting back on track

Oh my, I have seriously neglected this poor little blog lately! Good news is I`ll have time to give it some tlc now that my Christmas craft fayre is over & most of my Christmas shopping is now done (phew).
Unfortunately the weather was pretty rubbish at the weekend, Saturday the local radio was advising people to stay off the roads! So the fayre was really rather quiet... That said I actually did quite well! And I met some lovely people, both crafters & customers, which is something that I LOVE about craft fayres.

This was the first time Ive had a stall all to myself... I have always shared with a friend. It was nice to be able to spread out! Gary made me a double hanging rail for my shawls & bags which worked really well too. Took a couple of pics.. but only one of them was in focus. My only explanation is that it was bloomin` freezing, must of been shivering!

The fayre was in the great hall of Hartlebury Castle (the Bishop of Worcesters home). I wish I'd taken a photo of the beamed ceiling - its absolutely gorgeous! The hall also has a fabulous flagg stone floor... after spending 2 days on which, I now have the worst case of chillblanes I've ever had - despite the fact that I had my sheepskin Ugg boots on! :(

You cant see them very well in the photo, but 3 of those shawls are made from my batts done on my new drum carder... I PROMISE to post about the carder & what I've done with it really really soon.

Stay well & warm


Unknown said...

Your booth looks so nice. I cannot wait to see what you have created with your carder, I am in love with mine!

Heather Woollove said...

What a great booth and pretty things! I'm sorry to hear that it was so hard on your feet, though. You'll have to make yourself some REALLY thick felt slippers to wear to such events!!

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks girls :)

I have my luuurvly thick, warm, pumpkin boots Heather but like to keep them nice & clean for wearing at home. My sheepskin boots have always kept my feet toasty before... it was just so damn cold, with the flagg stones radiating FREEZING cold up through the feet :( Never mind, they`ll get better.

Felted House said...

Your stall looks great - the scarves look particularly good displayed like that. I did a craft fair recently in Leicester Guildhall - again a fantastic building but absolutely freezing cold - I took two hot water bottles with me the second day! I'm hoping to post on it soon, my mum's health is taking over life too much at the moment- thanks for your support, it's really hard to find enough hours in the day to look after the boys let alone me and sadly, just as I was really beginning to get going with the felting properly and getting more sales, it's all had to go - SO frustrating but necessary. Your work looks ever more beautiful, especially those gorgeous shawls with the pins you make - real works of art - and that carder and the way you can blend colours is obviously going to open up even more possibilities!
Oh yes - tip from other stallholder at fair - stand on some squares of carpet! xx

Terriea Kwong said...

Wonderful booth with colorful shawls. Hope the freezing days wouldn't last long. Expecting to see more your works.