Friday, 17 December 2010

Today is...

.. my birthday!
Its been a nice, quietish, plodding sort of a day so far. The kids are both home for Christmas now, school having finished at lunchtime. We've just eaten a nice lunch together.. Now Im about to felt a flower & crochet a hat... and then I'm hoping to go to the cinema tonight. I'm desperate to see the new Harry Potter film. Only problem is the weather man is predicting very heavy snow to start this afternoon & keep going into tomorow! Hope it doesnt get so bad that it stops us going... or getting back home after.

My lovely husband excelled himself with this years birthday gift, got me just what I wanted (it hadnt occured to me that I might get them for my B'day for some reason!) The Expendables DVD - I havent seen the film yet, but the advertisements look funny. And Matt Cardle's CD (he is the winner of X-Factor 2010) - which is EXCELLENT! Its got 4 brilliant tracks on there - think I've listened to is about 6 times this morning :)
This is my pressie from my son.. he finished making it in woodwork class this morning
What mom wouldnt want a wooden tank for her 37th birthday lol? ;) I love it actually, I think he did a really good job & its on my bookcase.
Next post will be felty or fibrey - I promise. Might even get to do my bit on leather soles over the Christmas holiday... you never know :)
Have a good weekend folks


Felted House said...

Love the wooden truck! I want so see Harry Potter desperately too, perhaps we'll try over the holidays. Have a great evening and I hope the snow doesn't stop you xx

Heather Woollove said...

Oh, happy, happy birthday, Deborah!!!
Yes--see HP if you can. We saw it when the girls were home for Thanksgiving, and it's very well done! (Malfoy has turned into quite the little hottie, I must say!) Grin.

Kelly said...

Happy Birthday! Harry Potter was great-now to wait for the last one... :)

krex said...

Happy birthday toooo Ewwwe...''I live in Minnesota where snow is abundant and we say...."If life gives you snow, make snowmen ." (But were pretty weird up here, cabin fever probably)

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks folks :)!
Didnt manage to get to the cinema... my daughters cough got really bad through the afternoon yesterday & it seemed silly to take her out in the cold if we didnt need too... so we had movie night at home - which was still nice. Will see HP over the Christmas hols!

The snow came in while we were out'n'about this morning! We got stuck behind a struggling lorry 5 miles from home.. with the snow hammering down & laying well. Took us 3 hours from that point, with me pushing the darned car every time it got stuck for the last mile & half. Serious case of jelly legs when I got home. We got about 5 inches of snow in 3 hours, which for us is A LOT, especially that quickly.

We`re all tucked up safe and warm at home, with freshly baked mince pies & hot tea, kids films on the TV... and everything is soooo pretty.

No luck making snowmen so far Krex... its too powdery to stick together at the moment - like the saying though :)