Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Nothing to do with felt today... Im sharing a new find.
I may of mentioned in previous posts that I love LUSH soaps, cremes, shampoos & a hold load of other things that they make/sell. A few years ago I used to make my own natural lotions 'n' potions, but I just dont have the time (or inclination) these days. SO my happy compromise has been buying them from Lush; all the goodies are natural, they're environmentally conscious, blah blah.. you get the picture.
Anyway, the purpose of this post wasnt to bang on about Lush... but to tell you about Old Pitt Potions! Lorraine, the potioneer behind Old Pitt Potions, is a truly LOVELY lady (who is known to wear a certain red felted shawl :) She has developed a range of ALL natural goodies including - perfumes, soaps, creams & lip balms. All blended by her own fair hand, in the North East of England. Old Pit Potions are also natural & environmentally aware AND Im supporting a small business (which is nice).
Last week I received my first order and OH MY GOODNESS - its luuuurvly! Here is some of it..

I have four bottles of perfume / spritzer. Three are for Christmas pressies, but one is mine. Im wearing 'Amazing' - and it really does smell amazing - very fresh and herby. It lasts all day too! The lavender & hemp handcream is wonderful... this felters hands are extremely grateful. The big bar of soap at the front is called Cinnamon Cake.. it smells absolutely delicious - I have it in the downstairs loo & the scent of sweet cinnamon is a real treat, lovely and soft on the hands too. The lip balms are for the kids Christmas stockings, and I brought some other bits for pressies too, which I cant post about at the moment in case I spoil any suprises.

For any of you who, like me, think that NATURAL products are best - check out Lorraines blog & show her some love :)

I have just finished crocheting our nieces Christmas pressies - they both get hats & brooches this year. The girls are both in their early teens; the older is getting a very chic tam & felted flower brooch, the younger a flowered cloche with crochet flower brooch to match. Im developing a distinctly Mrs Weasley-ish tendancy toward crocheted Christmas presents (I can knit but its too slow for me - you know Im impatient) I`m half tempted to send them a box of home made mincepies too (as Mrs W does) knowing my luck a hungry sniffer dog would pick the parcel out & it'd get opened up to look for drugs - or blown up or something :) I've still got quite a bit left to make for other people... but theirs is the only one I need to post, which relieves the pressure a little.

Oh, on a slightly felty note... my December issue of Felt Matters arrived today! This is the International Feltmakers Association quarterly magazine - looks yummy. Im saving it for a couple for a couple of quiet hours where I can curl up somewhere nice 'n' warm (preferably with hot chocolate), so I can really enjoy it


Gnomead said...

The smellies look and sound yummy, being a big fan of Lush as well I'm off to find her online now!!

Kelly said...

I was so happy when LUSH opened a store local to me. It makes me so happy to go into that store. I will have to check out your new favorites web store!

Pogostemon said...

Oh My Goodness! I go offline for a while and I come back to find this lovely post. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your lovely words. I'm just so glad that you like your goodies. I will be making a website soon - I had such a busy time making the stock I had no time left to do it! I wore the beautiful shawl a lot in the cold snowy days we had in the North East and I drew lots of compliments for it which I pass on to you. The pretty pin got lots of deserved attention too.