Thursday, 5 November 2009

Some cobweb scarves

OMG time is seriously running away from me! I promised over a week ago to post pics of some cobweb scarves the following day & then POOF - I swear a week had passed overnight.

Well I have recently downloaded Picassa and discovered that I can make collages on there, so no prizes for guessing what my picture today guessed it - a collage of some of my new cobweb scarves. Although I have to say they dont look so cobwebby on these - I think it must be the colours & maybe lighting; they are in reality very light & lacy.

Ive also had a custom order request from the lovely lady who brought my `I want you` purple cobweb scarf (the one for the etsyfast september challenge) for something very lightweight, ultracobwebby & purple! Right up my street. I got a little carried away playing & I have made 2 for her to choose from... a darker purple REALLY cobwebby & floaty number, and a lighter, warmer toned one - I love how wavy edged this one is - its like a lace ruff.

Im off to whip up a quick lunch for myself & get down to working on my etsy shop. HOPEFULLY tomorow I shall be posting more about what Im upto there :o)



FELT 4U said...

Lovely cobweb felting. great colours and Goreous hat that you are wearing. it suits you.

FeltersJourney said...

Thanks Elaine :o) nice of you to say so

Felted House said...

These are SO pretty, especially the purple ones, what a beautiful lacy effect, thank you for showing them to us! x

by keiara - lampwork beads said...

MMM those are gorgeous, love! The purples ones are totally yummy :) I bet your customer is so pleased! xox

FeltersJourney said...

aaah thank you girls :o)
She WAS happy :o) & went for the super duper light&lacy one, I must admit I was going to keep that one if she prefered the other! Aah well, will just have to make myself one when I get chance :o)
Thanks for the comments, its always lovely get feedback & you`ve put a big smile on my face

Unknown said...

Wow these are fantastic. I may have a go trying to make one for my mum for christmas, though I've not done cobweb felting before.