Thursday, 12 November 2009

Sheepish fun

Hi guys, can you believe another week has gone? Well I`ve been making jewellery all day ready for a Christmas fayre in a few weeks time. I just wanted to share a few pics of my latest jewellery with you.
It all started with my dear friend Keiara requesting an embroidered felted bangle set, in green & black, for halloween. A few weeks before I had been playing and felted 4 little black cat beads - but hadnt used them yet. This is what I came up with...

The funny light bit on the black bangle is the light catching an embroidered star, Id used a sparkling shiny black thread.

Im REALLY pleased with how it turned out & Keiara was thrilled to bits :o) I LOVE doing work for Keiara, she tells me what she wants & lets me go for it....fortunately we must be on the same wavelength cos she has loved all of her bits `n pieces so far.

I decided that I really should make some sheepish sets - you KNOW how much I love those little sheep :o)

Im waiting for things to arrive in the post now; fibre, beads, business cards (I cant wait to see them - Ive ordered MOO mini cards) my fingers are itching to get felting, but I cant do the projects I want to do cos Im waiting for the posty... never mind means I finish some UFOs.

Have a great weekend folks


Felted House said...

Predictably, since I'm a cat person, I love the cat one, but the sheep look great too - what an original idea, I've never seen anything quite like them.
I've been looking into Moo cards for a while now - my friend has them and they look very desirable, but I'm waiting to get a better camera, then I MUST learn how to do Flickr (tried last year and never managed to set up account properly, then just chickened out of learning something else new), THEN I'm going to get some (she said you could just upload your Flickr images to the Moo site)- I'm excited on your behalf, hope they turn out well, do post a photo when they come!

Sara Millis said...

Oh, I love these... so cute!