Friday, 6 November 2009

Website & etsy shop news

Just a quicky to let you know what Im upto online at the mo.
Ive decided not to renew my subscription to so my website FreeSpiritCreations will be going offline from 28th November.
Some news Im pretty excited about is my NEW etsy shop. For a few months the name wychburydoll had been niggling at me, it was no longer relevant being as Im not dollmaking or selling my dolls any more (apart from the troll Ive promised dear Keiara of course ;o)... it seemed a silly name for a felters shop - unfortunately etsy doesnt let you change your shop name. SO, this week Ive knuckled under and created a brand new etsy shop named feltersjourney. Ive created a new look with a nice new banner & upated avatar, and have just finished moving my stock over to it... OMG Im shattered after doing that, it seemed to take forever.
Now I just need to learn how to balance family, job, felting, updating blog & shop and advertising - oh boy! Oh & I think I need to find out more about flickr, I have a feeling I should be doing something there too...
Please, if you could all take a peek at my new shop & feedback to me what you think I would really appreciate it (theres a link to the right).
I decided to run a 2 week free shipping on all items promotion to celebrate opening - lets hope it brings the sales in!
Off to feed my ravenous family now :o)
Have a fab weekend everyone

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Felted House said...

I too have been thinking about going over to Etsy, although as yet know nothing about it at all! I really like your new site, I've only had a quick look as it's late but I like the colours in the banner (looked like that lovely blue and red wrap to me!) and the way you describe the items is very comprehensive and friendly at the same time. And I agree that the new name is much more fitting for what you're currently doing, so I think it looks very good, well done, must have taken an age.
When you've worked out how to balance all the busy elements in your life can you please write a manual and I'll buy it!!