Monday, 23 November 2009

Festival of Trees

Hiya, I want to share something rather special with you all today.

Brenda Marshalls Christmas Tree

This beautiful Christmas tree has been wetfelted by my friend Brenda. It took her 5 days of hard work - and I think it is exquisite! Brenda is donating this tree to a charity auction, raising money for the Princes Trust & local charities.
It is on display, along with 16 other tree themed pieces, that are part of the Festival of Trees; they have all been made by the Jinney Ring Artists. I really must go over to have a look at them. Theyre on display until 13th December and they`re being auctioned at an evening `do` on the 14th December. Theres a load more info & directions on the Jinney Ring website.
If you go over, be sure to say hello to Brenda in her workshop :o)

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Felted House said...

This is just amazing. I'll be checking out their website tomorrow when it's not so late!
Glad to see your cupcakes have made it to Etsy! x