Friday, 13 November 2009

Moo Cards

Oh yay, I LOVE my MOO cards :o) theyre really sweet! And they come in a little mini filing system type box with dividers for `mine, theirs & favourites` how adorable!

Of course now that Ive got my mini moo cards my business card holder is too big - so I made myself a new one from a piece of felt I made a couple of days ago; black merino with cerise sari silk... yummy

I kept the style similar to my original business card holder, with a felted cord that wraps round to close it (you cant really see it that well on the photo) this one holds about 16 cards. Its great, even in the holder theyre so dinky they barely take up any room at all in my bag or pocket...Im a very happy bunny!
Id definately recommend Moo to anyone, it was very easy to upload photos (Im not on flickr so I uploaded them straight from my pictures) editing the pictures etc was easy & they came really quickly... I ordered them 7pm Monday evening & they tried to deliver them Wednesday morning - brilliant!


Felted House said...

They look fab! It doesn't sound too complicated to get them done either, that's really helpful to know, thanks!
Love the black felt with the sari silk, I've bought the silk as a hank of knitting yarn but yours looks as if it's the actual un-spun fibres, what a lovely effect. x

FeltersJourney said...

Hiya :o) Thanks. It was great - couldnt of been any easier.

Mmmmm I love the sari silk - its not the knitting yarn, basically it looks like when the sari silk was being woven its the unwoven end bit. They are between 10" & about 18" long I would say...and the colours OMG they are GORGEOUS. I`ll try & post pics & details over the weekend.