Wednesday, 3 March 2010


I like this award! Its been passed to me by Louisa of Felted House :o) And its all about what makes you happy! Im going with things that always give me a swoop of joy in the pit of my stomach - you know the feeling... Here`s my top 10 :o) not in any order:

The sea!
Every sense of it; touch, smell, sound, sight, even taste (not too much tasting though thanks).

My kids smiles.

Catching a really good wave on my bodyboard & riding it all the way in.

Looking out at beautiful scenery from a high place with the wind in my face.

Watching the sunset, with my husbands strong, warm arms wrapped around me - feeling like its the best/safest place in the world.

Boat rides! At sea - up and OVER waves.

The start of a day given over to a new felting project.

Tucking into a meal that everyone at table likes.

Setting out really early in the morning to go on holiday.

The sound of waves crashing, lulling me to sleep in my sleeping bag on our favourite campsite in Polzeath, Cornwall.

Well those are the things that get me every time... Im not going to just send this on to anyone - if you would like this award I`ll happily send it on just let me know.


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