Saturday, 27 March 2010

Sunny Saturday

Good morning! Its a beautiful sunny spring morning here & Rocky-Doodle is having a good shout as I start typing :o)
Ive been rather neglectful of my poor little blog this week; had work related stuff Mon-Wed, catchup Thursday & yesterday a FELTING day YAY :o) I felted a pair of slippers for Gary, my lovely hubby. Im planning to post more about them seperately, theyre still wet & I havent taken any photos yet.

I have got something to show you though :o)

This is my Sunshine banner. I dyed the fibres using my new acid dyes... I love the colours, theyre really strong & rich. Its about 3ft long & goes from a deep terracotta orange at the top to a lovely golden glow at the bottom of the dangles. Its mostly merino, but I dyed some tussah silk with the gold & used that for the sun. Its a bit of fun & a nice splash of summery sunshine for my wall :o)
Well looking out of the patio doors next to me the suns gone behind a cloud (oh well) and Rocky-Doodle has his beady eye on me...I think he is sending me psychic `feed me` messages :o) he does love his food.

He`s about about 10ft away from where Im sitting, its so funny to look out he see him watching

We are off to check out a potential new home for him this afternoon. He has grown since he came to stay a week & a half ago, I think that somebody must of had him as a chick not realising he was a dude & booted him out when he started to crow. Such a shame, he is a lovely boy.

Have a wonderful weekend - whatever you are doing


by keiara - lampwork beads said...

Ooooh, LOVE the banner, sweetpea! Lovely colours and design :) Aww, I hope he finds a good home! xox

Gnomead said...

I love the colours in your banner. I haven't plucked up courage to try dyeing yet but I think I may have to now!