Monday, 29 March 2010

Rocky-Doodle-Doos new home

Well my little chickadee has gone to his new home! We were lucky really that we had 3 people offer him a home, I think & hope we`ve picked the best option.
The local farm offered to take him - but neighbours have told me he would end up as a Sunday dinner as soon as he is fat enough there... not what I want for him, might aswell of left him for the foxes as send him somewhere for the pot! Then a lady that my over-the-road neighbour knows offered, she lives about a mile as the crow flies across the fields, but she has her house for sale... its lovely cottage & smallholding - wish I could afford it! Fortunately before I spoke to her, I spoke to the chap who cares for chickens & ducks at the farm shop where we do most of our shopping. Turns out none of their birds ever end up on a plate. They brought the liberated ex-battery hens, but all of the rest of the birds are rescues or brought in by people who cant keep them for whatever reason... and their old owners come back & visit them regularly... which of course is what we shall be doing every time we go shopping :o)
I drove him there this morning - bless him he was so scared & shaking when I put him in a box the whole box was vibrating! When we got there the man confirmed what I had been thinking - he isnt much more than a baby; maybe half grown, he still has his fluffy chick feathers under his wings & round his bum! I knew he was growing (growing nails too)! Thats probably why he was so trusting and easy to pick up in the woods. He was in a big pen in the middle of the ckicken run getting used to his surroundings when I left... hope the big boys dont pick on him too much.
I`ll try & get a nice photo of him in his new home over the Easter holidays.
Probably seems odd to be so bothered when we only had him for a week and a half, but Ive wanted chickens since I was 8 & used to help my aunty in her chicken run. I finally got me a chicken & HE FOUND ME - it was wonderful! Unfortunately, in this house, Im not able to keep today Im feeling very sad. At least now my hubby (whos only experience with chickens upto now was on his plate) has realised how much character they have got, and it looks like I have a better chance of liberating some battery hens in the future :o) so thats a positive thing - and it was lovely having him to stay.
Anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself - next post will be about FELT I promise :o)

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Gnomead said...

I'm glad he found a lovely new home. I would love chickens too but have yet to persuade hubby!