Monday, 15 March 2010

More makes

Just a quicky today... I wanted to show you the felted flowers that I made for our mums for mothers day yesterday. Ive felted flowers in quite a few ways, but I have to say that these were really good fun to make, and probably the quickest! I followed a tutorial on one of my favourite felters blogs; DailyFelt by Ingermaiike, this link will take you to the tutorial. Give them a go they`re great! While you are over there have a mooch around, its a great blog.

I didnt use a sander (never do, I tried it once but didnt like it)... but followed the rest. I wrapped wire around the stems and base of the flowers, finishing `em off with a tendril like spiral each. My mom got the 3 yellow, yellow/white flowers & Garys mum got the pinks & white. The also got pot plants, but they`ve both commented how much they like these ;o)

Also I want to show you this lovely picture of my `baby` modelling the hood that I made on Friday. I know Im biased but doesnt she look sweet?! I felted this on Friday morning, straight away it went into the mordant & dye pots. I planned to sew it to the tunic I am making... Unfortunately when I did sew it on I realised that it was far to heavy (too well felted I think) so Ive taken it back off.

Rachael rather likes this, but the wind kept trying to blow it off... I think I might sew a button either side and make a removable chin strap to keep it on. Or maybe at some point felt a short cape that it can attach to via the buttons? Ideas anyone?
You can see the colours so much better in this outdoor photograph. This is a really good representation of the colour of the whole tunic. Which is sewn together now and has a nice little collar to replace the hood. It needs a little tweeking & then I shall get a photo up.
Today I felted the body of a bag & its strap... its going to be a two-tone Feelin` Sheepish bag - havent done one of those in quite a while. Wednesday Im working (playing Tudor dress-up more like :o) and then on Friday I have a girly fun day planned with my friend Clare. We`re going to a Reenactors market, I cant wait - I KNOW there will be lots of interesting & unusual odds n ends that you just cant find elsewhere. I really need a girly day out...
Anyway, have a good & productive week - Im off for a cuppa tea & to try out some new dyes I just received ;o)


ingermaaike said...

It makes me so happy to see flowers felted from my tutorial! They are gorgeous, lucky mums :-D

Why not make a scarf to sew onto the hoody, like that you can make sure it does not blow off and you can hang it on your back when it gets too warm.

Gnomead said...

Beautiful flowers and the hood is great, love the colour!!

Felted House said...

I'd been planning to try some flowers like these for ages, I'd seen this tutorial and a couple of others as well, so thank you for sharing the finished products -they look great in spring colours. Fab hood too - very flattering on one so pretty! xx