Saturday, 20 March 2010

Treasures from the Reenactors Market

I had a lovely day yesterday! Dropped the kids off in the morning and drove over to Clares house for a coffee & nose through her crafty stuff :o) and then off to the Reenactors Market. This 3 day market is on twice a year, during the spring & autumn - this is the first spring market Ive been to & it was a very busy first day. I LOVE going here, you can find so many unusual & interesting bits n pieces - you can get anything from swords & armour to candles & cooking pots, dark ages to 1940s and there are people in costume from pretty much any & all periods. My mission for the day was to buy some knitted stockings for when Im working at Oak House; I accidentally felted my last pair & have regularly developed chillblanes from working there ever since. Plus, of course, interesting doodats to use with my felt.

My treasure trove - sexy mustard colour stockings :o)

A silk cap & silk thread

Pewter skull buttons & fish, brass bell & eyelets (to go on the end of laces)

Gorgeous little pewter buttons - very heavy for their size

The silk cap & thread are from my friend Debbie The Mulberry Dyer. They are naturally dyed, the cap is woad & nettle - giving lovely soft & slightly variegated greens, and the thread is fustic - a fabulous deep, rich mustard (ok so the colour fetish is definately mustard this week :o)
I love the pewter buttons and the fish charm, and the bell is very sweet - must find something specialy for that. The eyelets are for some lacing Im planning to incorporate into a felted jacket? or bodice?
I also met an old friend that Id lost touch with a few years ago - which was a lovely suprise & got her new contact details to stay in touch :o) Met some managers from work & managed to spend some of their money to lol.
All in all a very good, if very tiring day - I was out for about 11 hours in total.
We still have our visiting cockerel :o) who is a very nice chap! So far he hasnt crowed in the morning until I have brought him out into the run - guess it helps that the garage is rather dark. No news on where he came from so far... Im wondering if someone had maybe dumped him? At least Ive lined a nice home up for him if I dont find his old one... my lovely husband really doesnt want a cockerel added to our menagery :o) Looks like his name is going to be Rocky-Doodle-doo while he is with us (sounds like Scooby-doo speak); Matthew insists on calling him Rocky & Rachael is sticking to Doodle - so in the name of peace its Rocky-Doodle-doo & they both get their way; shorten it however you please kids!
Right Im off to put said cockerel to bed and start the dinner. Have a good weekend folks

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Felted House said...

What lovely finds at the market and beautiful soft colours in the silks - looking forward to seeing what you do with them! Rocky-Doodle-doo is a good compromise for a name! xx