Thursday, 4 March 2010

My new bag

Ive had a great week experimenting & playing with felt! Yesterday I felted a hip bag for myself, Its got a definate sea theme going on; gorgeous blue shades of merino, with curly locks, silk filament fibre, sari silk ribbon, homespun fancy bobbly yarn that I plied with a metalic thread and a couple of tiny bright green silk chiffon scraps. Im planning to use it a lot through the summer.



Its seamless, well felted & hardened (it neads to be tough). Ive felted a really long cord (probably about 10 foot) with all the yummy extras that are in the body of the bag; sari silk ribbon, yarn, silk fibres. The cord threads through the back of the bag and wraps around my hips. I thought it was going to be too long, but I really like the way it goes one & a half times around, knots then dangles.

Ive sewn the zip in with herringbone stitch, I love the irregular edge of the finished felt.
On Wednesday I nuno felted a floral panel. Its the first time Ive done anything like that... so I was trying out different ideas. Im planning to use it as a banner / flag in the garden, the base is cotton gauze so its pretty floaty - I can just imagine it fluttering in the breeze. Just need to figure out exactly how / where to hang it :o) It`ll probably end up looking like a battle standard hehe
So this weeks been good & productive for me - hope it has for you too


Felted House said...

This is such a beautiful bag - what fantastic colours and all the details are lovely - herringbone stitch is very pretty. You've been so busy! xx

Karen said...

Wow this is a gorgeous bag, i really love the cord to and the idea of having it wrapped around your hips is Brilliant, i love a hands free bag lol
Looking forward to seeing your garden flag xoxo Beautiful Work

FeltersJourney said...

:o) Thanks girls :o) BIG smiles

Debating what to do this afternoon....

Twiglet said...

Perfect little bag - love the seascape colours.

Heather said...

Your felt work is lovely!! I just love how you combine sewing...linings, zippers...with
your felted pieces. Your little details really make them special!! Thanks for becoming a's so nice to 'know' you!!